How old were you when you first dreamed of becoming a CPA?

The Path of a CPA is as difficult as they come.

It took Volumes of Inspiration.
It took Mountains of Education.
It took Oceans of Dedication.

And then came "The Test".

Did you pass it the first time or did it take two?
For some, maybe it took a few.

No matter if it was one, two or quite a few,
for You that massive Goal was met .

Your venture into a new Commercial Game came yet,
as others less fortunate were left sundered and wondering what might come next.

Has the Path of a CPA been all you dreamed it to be?

The Customers. The Work. The Income.

Have the Personal and Financial Rewards made your Heart Sing?

Is there anything about your World that feels incomplete like a partial ring?

Do you ever wish that Fanciful Language you speak was spoken by more with an Eloquence that brought you closer to them?

There are Two ways to assimilate.
One is to become more like Them.
The other Is to Serenade them into becoming more like You.

We've written the Prose and We've scripted the Programs.
We've introduced Your ideas into the River of Flow.

All we need now are the Master's of Your Dance to reach out say "Hello!" to those who say "I Do".

And it is with this that We hope to have found You.